Pushing the internationalization process of one of the most promising scale ups in Spain


At the end of 2021 the scale up Lookiero receives a new capital injection for its internationalization to several countries in Central Europe.

At the beginning of 2022 I join this project, being Product Designer of such a relevant squad for the company as Transport, the team in charge of all the shipping and returns.

Taking into account that in Lookiero shipments and returns are free, and that users do not see the garments until they get home, the volume of returns is very high. For this reason, optimizing the processes related to shipments is key in terms of profitability.

In addition, thanks to my knowledge in the field, I take on a large part of the responsibility for the modernization of the company’s Design System.

Aurora 3.1

One of my main goals when I arrived at Lookiero was to modernize its Design System. What was initially more of a UI Kit became an agile and easy to use tool for building layouts. The clear example of its good execution is that we managed to reduce the creation time of any screen considerably, not to mention other benefits such as consistency and bug prevention.

Incentivizing the change of shipping method

Having one of our boxes sent to a pickup point instead of a specific address meant a very significant cost saving on each of our shipments. I was in charge of the entire execution of an initiative that consisted of convincing the user to change her delivery address to a pick-up point.

Location of collection points

One of the hypotheses we had was that showing the pick-up points on a map would be very useful to the user and would convince her to choose this delivery method. I was in charge of the entire execution of the initiative, from discovery to delivery, going through different iterations.

Opening hours

We realized that a high percentage of customers were not coming to the pick-up point to pick up their orders, which caused them to return to our warehouses. This was a very high cost that we had to reduce as soon as possible. One of the initiatives we developed was to incorporate the opening hours of each of the pick ups, making it easier for users to come when it was best for them.

Address portfolio

As a high percentage of our customers are subject to a subscription model, it happened that they needed to change their address quite often, for example during the vacations. For this reason we developed the idea of an address book, with the aim of making it as easy as possible for customers to change from one address to another.

Address validation

One of the problems we faced was to reduce the number of orders that were not delivered correctly to our customers’ homes. We identified that a high percentage of them were due to the fact that they were incorrectly defining their address. To mitigate this error we developed the idea of an address validator thanks to the Google Maps API.

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