Forum Sport

Helping to improve the conversion rate of one of the country's leading online sporting goods stores

El proyecto:

Forum Sport is one of the eCommerce with the highest turnover at national level, especially among the most demanding athletes.

I was in charge of leading an ambitious CRO plan in which we tackled dozens of small initiatives, all of them prioritized based on the ICE framework, with the goal of improving the CR of the Web.

All this led me to update not only the interaction part, but also the UI part. For this reason I was in charge of defining a simple UI Kit that would help to change all the visual part with a low development cost.

Login/registration process

In Forum Sport, in order to make a purchase, the user always has to be registered. We found an extremely difficult login/registration process, which made a very high percentage of users fall at this point of the funnel.

I designed a much simpler solution in which in a first step only the email was requested. If this was already registered the user would only have to enter his password and in the case of not being registered he would have to define a new one.

Checkout process

As in any eCommerce, the checkout process is undoubtedly one of the most delicate and important moments. Thanks to digital analytics and session recordings, we analyze the drop of each of the screens and detect specific improvements.

The end result was a much more user-friendly checkout, drastically improving the experience and conversion.

New PDP design

For Forum Sport the product category pages were crucial. A large part of their conversion was based on driving traffic via campaigns to these pages, either as a result of a specific promotion or at any time of the yea

For this reason we designed a flexible CLP construction system depending on the type of content.

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