My name is Edorta and I’m a UX/UI Designer with more than 10 years of experience who never has time to update his portfolio.

It’s a little embarrassing but my level of English is really low. Even so, I’m currently spending about three hours a week improving it.

Throughout this time I have worked for both large companies and small startups, facing many different challenges. To know me in a more personal way I encourage you to read all the bullshit I write on my Twitter profile.


Some of the companies I have had the opportunity to work with have been Guggenheim Museum Bilbao, Kutxabank, Euskaltel, Vitaldent, Laboral Kutxa, Eroski, Banco Pichincha, Sherpa AI, Palacio Euskalduna, Edenred, Aldi, Saunier Duval…

Maybe one day I’ll publish some of the projects I’ve been involved in, in the meantime you can access the website of the agency I work for: Grapa.ws, Zorraquino, Unexpendables, LIN3S, Lookiero.

Lookiero - Edorta Ramírez


After 10 years in agency and consultancy, at the beginning of 2022 I made the leap as Product Designer to an international scale up such as Lookiero. During this stage I have been working in several work squads as well as in the modernization of the company’s Design System.

Euskaltel - Edorta Ramírez


Back in late 2016 and early 2017, at the height of the Design Systems boom, in LIN3S we designed and developed the new Euskaltel website. A pharaonic project that we managed to put into production in a few months facing countless problems along the way.

Forum Sport - Edorta Ramírez

Forum Sport

At the beginning of 2021 in LIN3S we started with a CRO plan for Forum Sport, one of the online stores of sports equipment with more turnover nationwide. I am in charge of the UX/UI part of the project, working side by side with the entire digital analytics team.

Líbere - Edorta Ramírez


The startup Líbere was born with the aim of revolutionizing the housing sector globally by offering flexible accommodation in countless spaces throughout Europe. For my part I was in charge of the first design decisions, with the data very present when making decisions and understanding the moment in which the company was.

Vitaldent - Edorta Ramírez


Three weeks of work is the time that @tuikter and I had to research, idea and define the new Vitaldent’s website when we were working at Unxpendables. We managed to identify the company’s business levers to build a series of generic components that gave us the ability to build screens in an agile way and with a clear business focus.

Gancedo Contract - Edorta Ramírez

Gancedo Contract

Gancedo, one of the most recognized companies worldwide in the field of decorative textiles, was looking to define the online image of its B2B vertical. I was in charge of everything from research to the screen design of the new site.

Banco Pichincha - Edorta Ramírez

Banco Pichincha España

I was in charge of the complete definition of the new Web and Design System for Banco Pichincha in Spain. The objective was to simplify the way in which products were presented in order to achieve a better understanding of the users and a greater customer acquisition through the online channel.

Universidad de Deusto - Edorta Ramírez

Universidad de Deusto

Starting from an already approved visual line, my work consisted in creating the rest of the screens of the new Web of the University as well as solving new requirements, giving support to the company that was in charge of the development…

Kurago - Edorta Ramírez


This newly created company, with a clear international projection, was looking to update its brand image in the online channel with the aim of positioning itself as a top company in software development for the Industry 4.0 sector. For this I did several workshops with them that helped us to define their discourse and tone.

Saunier Duval - Edorta Ramírez

Saunier Duval

After a long time participating in other projects of the company I was in charge of the design of the business vertical responsible for the equipment maintenance part. Perhaps one of the first projects that I did practically alone from zero to one hundred, taking care of everything from conceptualization to execution.


Part of my activity in recent years revolves around training, conducting small courses and workshops related to the world of visual design and user experience.

You can be aware of the next courses I’m going to give in my Linkedin profile.


On rare occasions I usually do freelance projects outside the agency where I work, although it is also true that I have collaborated on projects like this one or this one just for fun.

If you want to do something together you can contact me.